Host a Workshop

Host a Parent Workshop

If you help manage a school, daycare, church or other place parents converge, you should consider hosting a parent workshop!

What You Need

  • Two rooms to host parents and kids
  • At least eight interested adults
  • Willingness to promote the event

Host a Workplace Lunch & Learn

Offering parenting classes at your company can be a great way to promote a healthy work-life balance. That’s why PEC offers Workplace Lunch & Learns. These parenting workshops take place onsite during the workday over the lunch hour for eight consecutive weeks. Topics vary, but are related to parenting practices and healthy family development.

Interested in hosting at Lunch & Learn Workshop?

Join local companies like Rockwell Collins, Toyota Financial Services and Transamerica and help your teams improve their parenting skills. To learn more about hosting lunch and learns, contact Morgan Boniface at