About Us

Our Mission

The Family Learning Connection (FLC) is an organization committed to increasing the capacity of the community to provide ongoing parenting education, professional development, and access to resources in order to facilitate the development of caring, competent, healthy children.

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Our History

Since 1999, the Family Learning Connection is a resource available to any parent of young children. Parent Workshops are an investment in personal growth and an investment in your child’s future. The benefits of participating in a parenting workshop will last a lifetime.

It is through the use of your own tax dollars (not donations or private funding) that Linn County Early Childhood Iowa funds the FLC. We are able to provide parents and caregivers of young children in our community:

  • Parenting Workshops
  • Family Resource Materials
  • Group Presentations (Lunch and Learn, no cost to employers)
  • Serves Linn County
  • Specialized classes include: co-parenting, grandparenting, single parenting, parenting young children in a new country, and positive solutions for families.

Our Success

Parents of all cultures and unique backgrounds have one thing in common: you don’t have all the answers for raising your equally unique children. Here are some stories from parents who’ve attended our workshops.

Creating Community

“When I first hear about FLC program, I feel very excited for it because my family just moved from China a few months ago, and we really want to join the community and get to know people in this new city, especially for my son, I want to find an educational program which is suitable for him. After participating in the first session of FLC program, my son Justin asked me if we can still come to the library to take the lesson again at the end, at that moment I realized that he enjoyed the lesson a lot. The teachers are really nice, patient, and very passionate about the project, the handouts are informative and helpful for the parents. Games and reading time are a lot of fun not only for the kids but also for the parents. I strongly recommend more families to join!”

— Maggie, Cedar Rapids